Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Labour's Brown and Alexander are excellent examples of the Scottish Cringe

An enthusiastic display of the Scottish cringe
Your letters (Herald)
September 11 2006

Wendy Alexander's carefully timed pro-GB polemic on nationalists and nationalism appears to be based on a false premise. Mercifully she spared us from the worst aspects of the Chancellor's Little Englander pitch to the south-east.

It was Boswell who said: "I do, indeed, come from Scotland, but I cannot help it." The Scottish cringe is surely most enthusiastically displayed by those Scots who genuinely seem to believe that Scots are uniquely incapable of taking responsibility for their own affairs and take every opportunity to broadcast that belief. We will doubtless be hearing much more of this in the months to come.

These are the people who have been entrusted with our government for decades and have presided with overweening complacency over its managed decline. They have neither ideas nor interest in how we might genuinely improve our own lot and contribute meaningfully to the wider world as other small, successful independent nations in Europe have done.

Kenneth MacColl, 24 Alexandra Place, Oban.

WENDY Alexander believes that the number of Scots living in England constitutes some sort of case for preservation of the Union. What a pity that on the same day that Wendy's witterings appeared in The Herald, Simon Hoggart in The Guardian described Scots living in England as "immigrants". Union? Wot Union?

Dougie Lockhart, 25 Barnhill Road, Dumbarton.

So first Gordon Brown and now Wendy Alexander are crowing about the fact that nearly 50% of Scots now have relatives in England. Others have pointed out that increasing international exchange of population is a global feature brought about by better communications and transport - but is absolutely no indication of the wish of any country's citizens to be governed from outwith their borders.

However, the reason for Scots having so many relatives in England is a dismal one. As increasing numbers of decisions about Scotland, economic or other, are taken outside Scotland, so the number of graduate-level jobs available in Scotland dwindles. Scotland has always produced more graduates per head than the rest of the UK, but has fewer graduates actually resident in the population. In other words, if they do not want to spend their lives serving burgers, a massive number of our new graduates (the proportion quoted used to be one-third but is no doubt higher now) have to take the long road south. And often never come back.

One swallow doesn't make a summer, and a temporary influx of Polish workers looking to make a bit of dosh before returning home does not counteract the fact that Scotland is the only country in Europe whose population is on the decline. Gordon Brown and Wendy Alexander are proud of this. Gordon Brown's ambitions for himself may scale Mount Olympus.

His ambitions for his country languish at the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Mary McCabe, 25 Circus Drive, Glasgow.

Gordon Brown says the 1707 takeover of Scotland has been really beneficial for Scotland because so many Scots have moved to England.If it was so good for Scotland why, then, did so many Scots leave for a better standard of life to England and so many other countries?

C Donaldson, 59 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow.

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