Thursday, April 11, 2013

Opposing British Rule in Scotland more effective than singing songs

Taking effective political action in Scotland against British rule is more productive than singing songs complaining about that state's rule in Ireland!

Catholic Anger at School claim by Sheriff - Herald Scotland  

With regard to the above article it should be clearly understood that singing a song about the republican struggle in Ireland is a political act not a sectarian one because it is not against a particular religion. On the other hand demanding that Catholic schools be shut down is sectarian and discriminatory. 

 Rather than singing about Ireland at their fellow Scots football fans in Dundee Celtic FC fans would be better off actively campaigning for Scottish independence in Scotland. This political action would effectively abolish the British state which would improve the lives of the people who live here because it would mean important international and domestic powers from the British Government would be transferred to Scotland and we would also have our own seat at the United Nations.

It would also as a by-product strengthen Ireland's hand in future negotiations with the rUK Government because the state that currently claims ownership of a part of Ireland would no longer officially exist and unionists would be faced with the embarassing notion of saying they prefer to actually be a part of England rather than Britain or Ireland.

Some Celtic fans (not all or anywhere near it but a minority) are using the excuse of this legislation to justify voting for the retention of the UK. This shows an alarming political inconsistency and a lemming like willingness to be divided 'n' ruled in Scotland by the same state which has so effectively divided Ireland.

If the legislation concerned is flawed then it could be reversed in the future but football fans should realise that the intentions behind it were honest by the Scottish Government. 


To further illustrate the point think about this: if our positions were reversed and Scots immigrants to Ireland had set up a team called Caledonian Thistle in Ireland and I was born in Ireland but had a strong connection to my home country in Scotland then perhaps I would wish to sing songs about Scotland in Ireland (particularly if Scotland had voted for indy in the early 20th century but Britain had somehow managed to retain a part of it such as Strathclyde!).
If I also at the same time suggested that I actually supported British control over Ireland while supporting independence for what I saw as my home country then if the Irish felt my political position to be risible then I would only have myself to blame!
If on the other hand I had a chance to play an active role in a democratic independence struggle for Ireland which would also weaken British rule in Scotland then it would seem very politically inconsistent not to do so.

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