Friday, November 17, 2006


The SNP was today the target of a sustained attack from defence secretary Des Browne over its defence and foreign policy. That policy amounted to the Nationalists simply saying "it's not our fight" on matters ranging from a global terrorism to combating the opium poppy trade in Afghanistan, he claimed. [Which is true, it's not! JOE]

Mr Browne launched his attack in a speech to Labour activists in Glasgow, where he accused the SNP of wanting Scotland to move apart in a world becoming every closer. "They want to remove Scotland from Nato and to cut off the Scottish people from an alliance that is a force for good in the world," he said. [By threatening the rest of the world with nuclear annihiliation? Great! It's a Nuclear alliance the SNP is against Nuclear weapons. Trident is a complete waste of money why on earth would Scotland want to be part of this imperial fantasy club?]

Mr Browne went on to defend the Nato presence in Afghanistan, and urged resolve to see that mission through. "The Afghan people, our own people, and the Taliban are watching us," he said.
"If we are indecisive or divided, the Taliban will be strengthened just as all of the others despair." [The SNP actually supported this action so this is a typical lie from Labour]

Mr Brown said that under a "separatist" SNP government, Scotland would not be part of the international effort in Afghanistan - and the party's foreign policy implied Scotland could "hide" from the reality of international terrorism. [separatist, yawn! if this means we might disagree with the US and the English rump state then he's probably right, we would and should. Sooking up to Bush won't help Scotland internationally.]

"The idea that a Scotland separated from the UK would be safer from the terrorist threat rests on the false assumption that it is the UK's foreign policy that has made us a target," said Mr Browne. [Bingo! That's exactly what HAS happened. It IS the UK's foreign policy that has made Scotland a target, we have no interest in invading Iraq or anywhere else.]

"The SNP are dishonest if they pretend to the Scottish people that by taking Scotland out of the UK and out of Nato they can protect the Scottish people from global terrorism. "They know as well as any political party that in today's world there is no guaranteed protection from terrorism." [Threatening other states and invading other nations is an excellent way to make the situation much worse. Maybe Scotland would call for a GENUINE resolution of the Israeli/Palestininan conflict rather than cheering on the Isrealis and funding their illegal operations and murder of civilians.]

Mr Browne went on to accuse the SNP of seeking to make political capital out of Iraq and said: "I respect the opinions of those who opposed the war and their right to voice them.
"Let me say this - if the question is the rights and wrongs of the action in Iraq, the answer isn't Scottish independence.

"If the problem is stability in the Middle East, a border between Scotland and England is not the solution. "If the objective is bringing peace to Iraq, breaking up the United Kingdom isn't going to achieve it." [It could be an excellent step in the right direction towards a saner policy in the middle east, Britain has imperial ambitions which it no longer requires and are dangerous to Scotland, that's the reality.]

He said that while world leaders at the G8 conference in Gleneagles last year signed a historic deal to make poverty history, the SNP had complained about who was paying for the policing in Perthshire - another example of their "not our fight" attitude. [the G8 could have done a lot more and it was an insult to hold the meeting here when our country ie Scotland was not represented at the talks because our parliament has no powers on foreign policy.]

"I believe that Scotland and the UK should fight tyranny, should fight poverty and play our part in taking on terrorism," said Mr Browne. [Has this man read George Orwell?!]

"Scotland's partnership in the UK makes us punch above our weight when when stand up for what we believe in on the world stage. [More like we don't punch AT ALL.]

"Alex Salmond believes we shouldn't even pull our weight in the international community.
"We believes we should stand apart, watching the world from a distance and hoping it next comes near us." [He actually believes we should have a seperate national foreign policy and we definitely need one to save more of our soldiers dying in quagmires like Iraq.]

Nationalists hit back by demanding an apology from Mr Browne over his department's "continued failure" to stand up for Scottish interests. The SNP said 4,800 defence-related jobs had been lost in Scotland since 1997, and Labour's policies in Iraq and the Trident nuclear missile system would damage Scotland.

"The SNP will not be taking any lessons from this minister, flown up on public money to make a party political lecture to Scots," said SNP shadow defence minister Angus Robertson.
"Under Labour almost 2,200 MoD jobs have been lost in Scotland, in addition to over 2,600 in shipyard jobs.

"On top of this, eight military bases and two supply depots have either been run-down or closed under this failing administration."

Mr Robertson said the MoD employed 10,000 fewer civilian and service personnel than Scotland's population share warranted, and spent ?420 million less in procurement.
"The evidence is clear. In terms of lost jobs and defence spending, Scotland suffers as part of the UK," he said.

"All this is in addition to Labour's dangerous and unwanted plans for a new nuclear weapons system on the Clyde to replace Trident, and their continued pursuit of the war in Iraq."

[This really is a steaming pile of cr*p from Labour. It is Tony Blair and his illegal Iraq war against imaginary weapons of mass destruction which has made Britain a target of international terrorists who have come to believe that the West is waging a war against their culture and religion and are trying to steal their oil.

Britain want us to 'share the pain' of their foreign policy which basically entails sucking up to George Bush without any benefits to Scotland whatsoever. Scotland is an energy rich country we don't need to interfere in the affairs of other nations in the middle east and we don't want to either. Scotland does not have an imagined post imperial role nor do we want to share in an American empire.

We need our own seat in the UN and our own independent foreign policy. NATO is a nuclear alliance and the SNP is absolutely right to want no part of it. - JOE]

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