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"The creation of the team [GB] has been opposed by the Football Associations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who are concerned it may compromise their individual status within Fifa.But he said the BOA, which selects teams for the Games, has decided to press ahead with a football squad despite the opposition.When asked last night about the opposition from the Welsh and Scots, Coe replied bluntly: “F*** em!”


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Thanks to Ray B. for passing on the above information. This story has been removed from the website of the paper concerned and Lord Coe has threatened legal action however since it appeared in the print media it seems unlikely that the paper simply invented it. Perhaps Coe made the remarks 'off the record' and trusted the journalists to keep schtum.

What is perhaps most surprising is that this story has not made the TV media AT ALL.

The whole issue has been blacked out despite the story appearing in both The London Paper and The Metro. Obviously if it turns out that the journalists concerned have made up the story then Coe will escape censure however an urgent investigation needs to happen immediately because if true it is clear that his position is completely untenable.

The Scottish and Welsh national football teams are functionally independent. Since both are completely opposed to a British team neither the English FA nor the British Government can force through a British Olympic Football Team under those circumstances. To do so could seriously compromise future Scottish and Welsh involvement in The World Cup and European Championships. (Is this actually the game plan of 'the Anti-Scot' Gordon Brown?).

Lord Sebastian Coe seems to think that not only can a team GB be forced through against our own FA's express wishes but that he can insult Scotland and Wales with impunity. Clearly his alleged remarks have been blacked out of the British media altogether which suggests that the powers that be believe this story is just too embarassing to break.

Luckily the power of the internet is such nowadays that this won't work. Personally I believe that Coe has reacted as reported. No doubt he didn't mean his remarks to be widely circulated as it would inevitably mean his job however the almost imperialist attitude that Scotland and Wales simply DO NOT COUNT are the political consequence of joining in an unequal union with a country that in our case is eleven times larger and in Wales case 20 times.


Dougthedug said...

The outburst seems to have come during a conversation with Jon Craig of Sky News during a London Olympics reception at the Tory conference in Birmingham which Jon Craig refers to on a Sky News blog. However he only refers to Seb Coe as making a "blunt" response. Either Jon Craig told other journalists about the true wording of the outburst or they were listening in on the conversation.

If you type in "Seb Coe F*** 'em" into Google and do a web search and a blog search you'll find references to it on blogs, especially Welsh Blogs, and on football forums but there are only three references to it in a news search, one is to the pulled story on the Metro site and two are to the Welsh site you already link to.

I keep waiting for another news source to pick up the story because it has been widely reported across non-mainstream sources on the internet but nobody's touching it at all. There does appear to be a blackout on the story.

The whole British team push by the BOA is a perfect illustration of the British establishment's attitude to Scotland and the rest of the "Celtic Fringe". They are quite happy to risk the future of the national football teams of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order to have a British football team at the London Olympics. I don't include England in that list as a combined British team would be an English team with an English fan base in all but name.

Gordon Brown is part of that establishment.

Hen Ferchetan said...

The Welsh papers spotted it:

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